Membership Renewal

If you wish to come back as a returning member of Burnaby Striders for the 2020 track season, we encourage you to renew your membership at the online link below to avoid your membership from lapsing in the new year. The membership renewal will be active until the end of Dec 31, 2020. You will receive an email notification to confirm your renewal activation.


Registration Questions:

General Information:

Club Membership Fees

AGE  (Years)      CATEGORY                      Club Membership  Fee

9 – 13                  Junior Development      $350.00 (annual)

14 – 15                Under 16 (U16)                $415.00 (annual)

16 – 17                Under 18 (U18)                $435.00 (annual)

18 – 19                Under 20 (U20)                $435.00 (annual)

20 – 34                Senior                               $435.00 (annual)

35+                      Masters                            $360.00 (annual)

 The membership fee outlined above will need to be paid, before the athlete is permitted to officially access the club's training facilities and it's coaching services. In addition, this fee includes payment towards the 2020 BC Athletics Membership (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2020), which is mandatory before being allowed to compete in any sanctioned events.

Please note: The membership fee is a static fee that will expire end of Dec 31, 2020. This amount is not pro-rated, even if athletes renew mid-way through the year.

What is Included:

1. Annual membership with BC Athletics (mandatory). This also allows you entry into track and field competitions, championship meets, selection for  provincial teams and awards, liability insurance coverage, discounts from BCA partners, etc. For full details, please visit BC  Athletics Membership page.

2. Access to club workouts & training facilities (both indoor @ Burnaby South & outdoor @ Burnaby Central).

3. Coaching support, including at specific track meets.

Financial Assistance:

Families that require financial assistance for their athlete(s), can apply through programs like Canadian Tire JumpStart, KidSport, Athletics4Kids. Please visit their website for more information.

Refund Policy:

1. Full refund minus BC Athletics fee within 2 weeks of payment.

2. 50% of fees minus BC Athletics fee within 30 days of payment.

3. No refunds permitted after 30 days of payment.


Member/Parent participation in the club’s activities helps to build a strong community among  our club families, as well as a robust and growing organization. Our club cannot continue to  provide the opportunities for athletes that we have been offering unless we have the support  of many people. We are always looking for help at team practices, track meets, and other support avenues. Please let the coaches know what volunteer capacity you have.