Coach Winston Reckord
For over 30 years, Winston has been coaching track and field for the Burnaby Striders. To the benefit of both the BC Summer Games and all the Zone 4 athletes who have competed at them for the last 15 years, Winston has volunteered as an Assistant Rep and Coach. During that time he has been an inspiration and motivation to many athletes, and at Burnaby Striders that takes in quite a range of ages. His successful protégés have included both National and International Team Members. On any given weeknight, rain or shine, if you are driving past Burnaby Central High School at 6 o’clock; you will see Winston on the track and hear his whistle as he critiques his athletes’ technique and performance. His passion for his chosen sport combined with his caring and understanding make him a favorite with everyone in the Track Community.

Coach Barbara Vogt
Coach Barb dedicates her time coaching and developing the Junior athletes, ages 13 years and under.